Program of the Conference (available also as a PDF file)

Topical sessions and Conveners

The scientific program of the Conference will be composed of topical sessions each of which will be led by a convener:

“Direct reactions and halo nuclei”, Thomas Aumann (Darmstadt)
“Nuclear spectroscopy with novel techniques”, Faiçal Azaiez (Orsay)
“Nuclear reactions around the Coulomb barrier”, Lorenzo Corradi (Legnaro)
“Nuclear structure in astrophysics”, Michael Hass (Rehovot)
“Evolution of the nuclear structure in neutron-rich nuclei”, Robert Janssens (Argonne)
“Modern approach to shell-model and beyond”, Morten Hjorth-Jensen (MSU/Oslo)
“Collective modes in exotic nuclei”, Adam Maj (Kraków)
“Frontiers of nuclear structure theory”, Witold Nazarewicz (Tennessee/Warszawa)
“Nuclear structure near the proton drip line”, Robert Wadsworth (York)
"Exotic geometrical symmetries in nuclei: Selected new results"

Each session will include a few invited talks (duration of 20 to 30 minutes) and selected contributed seminars (duration of 15 minutes). One of the evenings will be devoted to the poster session. Since this session will provide a perfect occasion to show and discuss the very latest results, participants not giving a talk are encouraged to present a poster.

Invited speakers

Marialuisa Aliotta (Edinburgh)
Torbjörn Bäck (Stockholm)
Baha Balantekin (Wisconsin)
Piotr Bednarczyk (Kraków)
Michael Bentley (York)
Carlos Bertulani (Texas A&M)
Jonathan Billowes (Manchester)
Nara Singh Bondili (York)
Angela Bracco (Milan)
Joseph Carlson (Los Alamos)
Alain Coc (Orsay)
Nguyen Dinh Dang (RIKEN)
Jacek Dobaczewski (Warszawa)
George Dracoulis (Canberra)
Jerzy Dudek (Strasbourg)
Maurits Evers (Canberra)
Kieran Flanagan (Manchester)
Christian Forssen (Gothenburg)
Sydney Gales (Orsay)
Robert Grzywacz (Tennessee)
Charles Horowitz (Indiana)
Michael Jentschel (Grenoble)
Ari Jokinen (Jyväskylä)
Benjamin Kay (York)
Jan Kisiel (University of Silesia)
Stanislaw Kistryn (Kraków)
Mieczyslaw Witold Krasny (LPNHE Paris)
Tadeusz Lesiak (Kraków)
Felix Liang (Oak Ridge)

Augusto Macchiavelli (Berkeley)
Marco Mazzocco (Padova)
Krzysztof Miernik (Warszawa)
Takashi Nakamura (Tokyo)
Gerda Neyens (Leuven)
Frederic Nowacki (Strasbourg)
Alexandre Obertelli (Saclay)
Wolfram von Oertzen (Berlin)
Takaharu Otsuka (Tokyo)
Marcin Palacz (Warszawa)
Thomas Papenbrock (Tennessee)
Giovanni Pollarolo (Torino)
Lee Riedinger (Tennessee)
Peter Ring (Munich)
Hideyuki Sakai (RIKEN)
Guy Savard (Argonne)
Hendrik Schatz (MSU)
Nicolas Schunck (Livermore)
Haik Simon (Darmstadt)
Olivier Sorlin (GANIL)
Toshiyuki Sumikama (Tokyo)
Suzana Szilner (Zagreb)
Atsushi Tamii (Osaka)
Michael Thoennessen (MSU)
David Verney (Orsay)
Zbigniew Was (Kraków)
Henry Weller (Duke University)
Kathrin Wimmer (Central Michigan)
Furong Xu (Beijing)

Contributed seminars and posters 

Participants are encouraged to present seminars and posters. Contributions will be selected based on the submitted abstracts by a selection panel composed of the session conveners. See Abstracts and Proceedings for more information.

Social events

The welcome reception and the conference banquet will take place in the first and the last day of the conference, respectively. We also plan a barbeque evening at a Zakopane style regional inn with life entertainment and a presentation of the mountaineer folklore.

Participants are warmly invited to take part in easy hikes in the Tatra Mountains National Park organized in the afternoons and lead by a certified mountain guide. For those who enjoy swimming the Aqua Park Zakopane complex housing indoor and outdoor geothermal pools is situated just beside the conference hotels. Participants are also encouraged to use other facilities offered by the hotels such as pool billiard, table tennis, gym, sauna, etc.

Associated events

Two associated meetings will take place in Kraków before and after the Conference:

Mini-workshop "Predictive capabilities of nuclear theories" will be organized by Witold Nazarewicz and Adam Maj on August 25, 2012 at IFJ PAN Kraków (contact:

Mini-workshop "Physics with the new 230 MeV proton cyclotron in Kraków" will be organized by Adam Kozela, Maria Kmiecik, Witold Meczynski and Adam Maj on September 3, 2012 at IFJ PAN Kraków (contact: