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Monday, August 27
Day 2
Tuesday, August 28
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Day 3
Wednesday, August 29
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Day 4
Thursday, August 30
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Day 5
Friday, August 31
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Day 6
Saturday, September 1
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Day 7
Sunday, September 2
    Tuesday, August 28, afternoon session:

Exotic geometrical symmetries in nuclei:
Selected new results

Naftali Auerbach, chairman

14:00   Jerzy Dudek (University of Strasbourg and IPHC)
Symmetries predicted by theory <-> Predictive power of theories
14:30   Lee Riedinger (University of Tennessee)
Search for new symmetries in fast-rotating nuclei
14:55   Michael Jentschel (ILL Grenoble)
Ultra-high resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy search for symmetries
15:20   Toshiyuki Sumikama (Tohoku University)
Decay spectroscopy of neutron-rich nuclei in the vicinity of 110Zr at RIBF
15:45   Hervé Molique (IPHC and University of Strasbourg)
Nuclear Mean Field techniques and the stability of theoretical predictions
16:00   Coffee break
16:20   Artur Dobrowolski (Maria Curie Sklodowska University)
Electric transitions in hypothetical Tetrahedral and Octahedral bands
16:35   David Rouvel (University of Strasbourg)
Superposition of two very distinct symmetries in one quantum state of an atomic nucleus
16:35   Obed Shirinda (iThemba LABS)
Studying chiral bands associated with multi-quasiparticle configuration
17:05   Hideyuki Sakai (RIKEN Nishina Center)
"Einstein was wrong?" – The EPR paradox and a test of Bell inequality by proton pairs