Day 1
Monday, August 27
Day 2
Tuesday, August 28
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Day 3
Wednesday, August 29
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Day 4
Thursday, August 30
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Day 5
Friday, August 31
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Day 6
Saturday, September 1
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Day 7
Sunday, September 2
    Friday, August 31, evening session:

Nuclear spectroscopy with novel techniques

Faical Azaiez, convener

19:00   Ari Jokinen (University of Jyväskylä)
Trap-assisted nuclear spectroscopy
19:25   Kieran Flanagan (University of Manchester)
Recent advances of laser spectroscopy at ISOLDE
19:50   David Verney (IPN Orsay)
Modern decay spectroscopy with beta-gamma-neutron detectors at ALTO
20:15   Karolina Kolos (IPN Orsay)
Beta decay spectroscopy near 78Ni: level structure of 83,84Ge
20:30   Short break
20:45   Cristina Petrone (NIPNE and University of Bucharest)
Gamma spectroscopy of isomeric states in neutron-rich nuclei: 75Cu and 78Ga
21:00   Lorant Csige (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich)
Photofission of 238U induced by quasi-monochromatic, Compton backscattered gamma beam
21:15   Anukul Dhal (Weizmann Institute of Science)
Probing fundamental interactions by an Electrostatic Ion Beam Trap (EIBT)
21:30   Dario Nicolosi (INFN LNS and University of Catania)
Spectroscopy of 13B via the (18O, 16O) two neutron transfer reaction
21:45   Jasmeet Kaur (Panjab University, India)
Quadrupole moment and g-factor measurements of the isomeric states in 128,129Ba