Day 1
Monday, August 27
Day 2
Tuesday, August 28
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Day 3
Wednesday, August 29
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Day 4
Thursday, August 30
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Day 5
Friday, August 31
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Day 6
Saturday, September 1
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Day 7
Sunday, September 2
    Thursday, August 30, morning session:

Nuclear structure near the proton drip line

Robert Wadsworth, convener

8:30   Jonathan Billowes (University of Manchester)
Determination of charge radii of 74Rb and other proton-rich nuclei
9:00   Michael Bentley (University of York)
Study of isospin-symmetry breaking in the f_7/2 shell using knockout reactions
9:30   Torbjörn Bäck (Royal Institute of Technology (KTH))
Study of collectivity in neutron-deficient Te and Sn isotopes
10:00   Yasuhiro Togano (EMMI GSI Darmstadt)
Hindered proton collectivity in the proton-rich nucleus 28S: Possible new magic number at Z=16
10:15   Nadya Smirnova (CENBG Bordeaux-Gradignan)
Isospin symmetry breaking in sd shell nuclei and applications
10:30   Coffee break
11:00   Alexandre Obertelli (CEA Saclay)
Relativistic Coulex measurements in the mass 66 region and the first spectroscopy results on 66Se / 65As
11:25   Krzysztof Miernik (ORNL and University of Warsaw)
Latest results from two proton decay studies
11:50   Marcin Palacz (Heavy Ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw)
Odd parity core excitation of the N=Z=50 core
12:15   Magdalena Matejska-Minda (IFJ PAN Kraków)
Lifetime measurement of high-lying short lived states in 69As
12:30   Valentina Liberati (University of the West of Scotland)
Beta-delayed fission and alpha-decay spectroscopy of the lightest Tl isotopes