Day 1
Monday, August 27
Day 2
Tuesday, August 28
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Day 3
Wednesday, August 29
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Day 4
Thursday, August 30
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Day 5
Friday, August 31
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Day 6
Saturday, September 1
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Day 7
Sunday, September 2
    Friday, August 31, morning session:

Collective modes in exotic nuclei

Adam Maj, convener

8:30   Peter Ring (Technical University Munich)
Theory of Dipole-Resonances in nuclei close and far from stability
9:00   Angela Bracco (University of Milano and INFN)
The gamma decay of high lying states with inelastic scattering of 17O and with AGATA
9:30   Atsushi Tamii (Osaka University)
Studies of the electric dipole response in nuclei using the scattering of polarized protons
10:00   Tamás Tornyi (University of Oslo and ATOMKI Debrecen)
Study of the gamma-ray strength in 238Np
10:15   Paola Marini (GANIL)
Symmetry energy and secondary decay: toward the reconstruction of primary fragments
10:30   Coffee break
11:00   Henry Weller (Duke University and TUNL)
Precise determination of the Isovector Giant Quadrupole Resonance in nuclei
11:30   Nguyen Dinh Dang (RIKEN Nishina Center)
Description of GDR damping in highly excited nuclei
12:00   Concetta Parascandolo (University of Padova and INFN)
Dynamical Dipole mode: a “collective” tool to understand reaction dynamics by using stable and radioactive beams
12:15   Michal Ciemala (IFJ PAN Kraków)
Gamma-decay of the GDR in the GEMINI++ code
12:30   Katarzyna Hadynska-Klek (University of Warsaw)
Study of the 42Ca nuclear structure using AGATA and EAGLE spectrometers: Recent results from the Coulomb excitation of the 42Ca experiment